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The Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) requires that all pesticide application equipment (PAE) is tested on a regular basis*

Any machine applying pesticides  must be tested by the relevant dates. Timescales of test vary depending on type and size of equipment.

Boom sprayers over 3 metres wide, air blast sprayers, train and aircraft sprayers (includes Livestock Assurance Schemes)
          1. First test due before the sprayer is 5 years old
          2. Re-test every 3 years

Boom sprayers 3 metres and under and other types of PAE to include slug pellet applicators, micro-granular applicators, weed wipers, seed treatment and other specialist application equipment
          1. First test due before the machine is 5 years old
          2. Re-test every 6 years

Knapsack, handheld and pedestrian equipment

          1. Do not require a formal test but need to be inspected by a competent person
          2. Make any repairs necessary
          3. Keep a record of the inspection – a checklist is available HERE

Crops and Fresh Produce Assurance Scheme requirements
          1. Annual testing for sprayers over 3 metres and air blast sprayers
          2. Annual testing of micro-granular nematicide applicators 
          3. All other equipment to SUD requirements

Scottish Quality Crops (SQC) - From 1st August 2022
          1. New sprayers require the first test before they are one year old
          2. Sprayers more than one year old and a boom width over 3 metres tested annually​​​

*The legal requirements are contained in the Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012