All vehicle mounted pesticide application equipment needs to be 
tested by 26th November 2016.Find out more
Find your nearest test center by inputting your postcode below:

Sprayer Spreader

Testing 15,000 pieces of pesticide application equipment annually.

Satisfying grower and supermarket protocols and the Sustainable Use Directive.

Currently NSTS has around 230 test centres and sprayer specialists offering the test throughout the UK.

NSTS has just over 600 qualified examiners. To become an examiner please enquire via the link to receive full details.

Improve acccuracy of pesticide application and reduce mid-season breakdowns.
Make a positive contribution to safeguarding our countryside.
Ensure your sprayer equipment and agrochemicals are being used in a manner that is safe for the sprayer operative.
Having your sprayer NSTS tested satisfies supermarket tracebility demands.